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In today's economy everyone wants to save. With Hotels Etc. Membership Travel Club you will get private discounts and travel deals for life and that are not available to the general public in hotels, restaurants, shopping, golf, vacations packages, theme parks, recreation, attractions, tickets, events, tours, activities and much  more. 

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As a distinguished member anything is possible because your Hotels Etc. Lifetime Membership Travel Club will grant you access to the following travel deals, discounts and entertainment benefits: 

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Ever dreamed about visiting Paris with your special someone? Perhaps watching your children's face when they get a kiss from Mickey or Minnie! 

It doesn't matter where your dreams may take you because with Hotels Etc. Membership Travel Club you will get travel deals and discounts and save money all over the world... literally! 
With your Hotels Etc. Lifetime Membership Travel Club card you will: 

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Our discounts and deals are exclusive for our members to enjoy!  None of our discounts are offered to the public.

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Vacations you once


Each of us has a lifetime story to tell and traveling is one great way to get those picture perfect memories to be treasured for your future generations. 

And that's exactly what your Hotels Etc. Lifetime Membership Travel Club will get you: a lifetime of travel deals, discounts and savings so you can build as many memories as you wish!  

This means that: 

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